Pauline Sprigg - 1950 Melbourne

Studying Midwifery


My Heart lives here guys!


Truly, in the generational stories, in the power of genetics and the belonging.


In the trials and tribulations, the joys and the successes of those who came before us.


Connections are Life!!!



This is the place where you'll find all of my thoughts and ideas and projects that relate to Legacy!


Where perfection has no home.


Where it's all love and acceptance and journeying through this wonderous life.

Ruby 5 days old & me being amazed at the most simple miracle of creation.


My Dad used to call us his tribe

and for all I've said just said... it's the rich tapestry of your life, the life of those that came before and for sharing that wisdom with those that are to come after you, that's why I now know why he called us that.


Images tell stories.

Different perspectives to different eyes.




My Dad - the Legend.

I will celebrate him until the end of time.


Your life is rich in stories and images. And one day it will be a part of someone else's history and their story.


Remind yourself, share it with others. You don't know when that story will lift someone through a hard time or inspire them to live a little better.

Erika Sprigg - 1975

I resisted starting this project... even though I've talked about it for so many years!! I've mulled over the ideas and the reasons why and what it means for different people.


And I didn't start it, I resisted because I wanted it to be perfect which I (should) already know is not possible. But I resisted.


So, it's a journey, like everything else and here we are.




Clifford Sprigg (driving) - Narrikup 1986

Where a picture tells 1000 words.


A handful of the right pictures can show the essence of a Legend,

a friend, a parent, a child.

Cousins - Ava, Olive & Ruby


This is everything for me. My number ONE reason for photography.


So it starts today on the 10 year anniversary of my Mum's passing.


This work for me, for you. For our ancestors and for our generations to come.


Celebrating what is now, what has been and what will come in the future.

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