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Hello, I am Lauren. :)


I'm a photographer

who strives to create images that

capture the real you.


I'M enchanted by the strength in vulnerability.

I believe it creates the most powerful images. Images that will speak of you for generations to come.



Always striving for that elusive balance.


Loving the beautiful SIMPLICITY and complexity of life itself.


My aim is to provide you with images that capture the essence of you and result in portraits that make you smile each time you look at them.


Because these photos are gold to me.

My first camera was a red Kodak ‘lego’ style camera, I remember the clunk of the shutter release and saving my pocket money to send away for developing the film. I was 10.


As the eldest of four I quickly promoted myself to family photographer and went about posing my brother and sisters… and that’s where it began….

Photography has always been a part of my life, there’s something about capturing a moment in a single frame that really grabs me.


Photos are such a beautiful way to tell a story.


Life is

too important

to take


some Faves


Colour: Blues, Greens, Whites

Song: November Rain, GnR

Movie: Point Break

Footy Team: WC Eagles!

Holiday: Camping




I am grateful for....


+ My Parents - with big hearts, high energy and open minds, parents who now watch over me everyday from above.
+ my high energy daughter, Ruby Tuesday
+ Heaven sent husband, JP
+ fabulous friends
+ the ocean,
+ my family,
+ my childhood on the farm
+ garden roses,
+ music,
+ the human body (Remedial Massage)
+ my health
+ Naked Bean Coffee
+ simplicity,
+ perfect imperfection,
+ lazy Sundays,
+ being Australian and our beautiful country,
+ the memories of my father and every photo that encompasses that memory.
+ my parents and all of my ancestors before me.
+ my memories and my photos
+ being a photographer


+ every bloody day :)



I highly value recording history while aiming everyday to live in the present moment. Yeah. :) You can see the way I see the world through the photographs I take for myself and others. I am inspired by many people and places. I am happier with less. I delight in simplicity.


Collecting moments not things. I'm a sucker for all the photos. :)


I'm a pretty private person, I love big, wide, open spaces and big thinking and deep, meaningful conversations. I love to laugh, dance and feel free.


I'm sharing myself with you in this vulnerable way....
because I want you to know how important it is to me that I create a space that allows you to be you.


Living in beautiful Albany, Western Australia.


There's no other place I'd rather be.


I am happy to travel to you.
Hope to see you soon


Lauren xxx




Life is an awfully big adventure......








































Based in Albany . Western Australia

Albany Wedding Photographer serving the Great Southern

including Albany, Bremer Bay, Denmark & Walpole