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Wedding Photography Packages, Albany wedding photography and videography


Booking Free Spirited clients who want to be captured in their most free state

Creating unforgetable, stress free experiences for freedom lovers


“What's in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other word would smell as sweet.”

Your Wedding.... whether it be in a shearing shed with the whole town, 200 guests in a formal gathering or just the two of you eloping on the beach.

Kind Words

Remi & Damian

We knew you were the right photographer for us from the first call we had with you.


Your professional but engaging style immediately put us at ease - even for a couple who traditionally run a mile from being in a photo and probably weren't the easiest models to 'direct'.


The results have been gorgeous and our family and friends are rapt at how you captured the joy and spontaneity and intimacy of the day.


Thankyou for just 'getting us'.

Albany Wedding Photos, Wedding Photography Packages, Wedding Photography and Videography Packages


Wedding Photography and Videography Packages


All wedding photography & videography collections include:

+ Custom Timeline + Location Planning

+ 10-20 Image Sneak Peek within 48 hours.

+ All access to your professionally edited high res image jpgs

+ Private Online Gallery


The Full Story

Free Spirits

10 Hours coverage

Wedding Photos and Video celebrating your entire day from the preparations to the dance floor shenanigans and all the moments in between.


Albany Wedding Photo Packages - Wedding Photographer Albany


The Love Story

Down to Earth

6 Hours Coverage

Photos and Video from bridal prep to your reception
and everything in between



The Freestyle Story

Wild and Free

3 Hours Coverage

Photos and Video for small weddings, pre wedding sessions,
wild adventures, couple sessions
Think BIG


Wedding Photos Albany
wedding photography and videography

Wedding Memories for You

There are many ways to create

wedding photography & Videography packages.

Let's make one that suits you.


Just what you want, nothing less and nothing more.


+ One fully present, in the moment Wedding Photographer with over 10 years of experience


+ Custom Timeline + Location Planning - Easy as, joyous days that run with ease are the best!


+ Professionally edited high resolution jpg images (read epic wedding photos for you) - ready for print and online sharing showcased in a beautiful + private online gallery that you can share with anyone you wish (or keep it to yourselves).


+ A professional audio recording of your vows - the spoken word forevermore.


+ Magnificent Wedding Albums of the highest quality, made to last.


+ Killer slideshow compilations using your fave tunes, maybe even those beautiful vows laid over the top. Oh yeah!


+ Drone Images - a big picture view, your wedding in it's surrounding environment. Great shots for albums too as it sets the tone for the story telling.


+ 10-20 Image Sneak Peek within 48 hours. When you truly realise the value of wedding photography :)


+ Engagement Sessions - there is so much value in a pre wedding session. You can approach your wedding day with ease, after this session all of your worries will be washed away.



Offering both hybrid and full video packages. All the information you need in my comprehensive price guide. Check out my recent wedding videography here.


How to Book

1. explore... Website. Love the images and video...and get to know what I'm about.


You are about to plan your most epic wedding day.


Your photographer will spend most of the day with you. So it's important that it feels right.

2. Connect

Reach out to me via
my contact form


I'll send over my wedding
photography and videography packages.


Then if you'd like we can discuss all of the details, meet up, drink coffee or have a quick Facetime chat.

3. entrust



Book it in baby!
Confidently knowing we are a great match.


I'll send you an invoice, our agreement, you pay your deposit of $500 and you're all booked in.


I'm all in + the fun begins... :)

What you can expect?

wedding photography packages, albany wedding photography packages, albany weddings

+ 10+ years experience in photographing weddings means I've got you covered.


+ An organised and practical minded approach to create stress free function on your wedding day.


+ I value your connections, your choices, your details.


+ I approach your day as an enthusiastic observer, seeking the beauty in every moment and detail. I will capture all of the big moments and all the little moments in between.


+ I am a team player (loving team sports!) and I will be on my A game and give you 110% on your day. Helping out wherever I can.


+ I will tell your wedding day story in images that represent and capture the emotions of the day so that you will be able to relive each moment.


Any questions at all, please just ask away :)


We can chat on the phone or continue to discuss via email, even meet for coffee if you'd like. Whatever feels right for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

+ We aren't that comfortable being in front of the camera.

That's ok, this would have to be the number one concern I hear. That's my job to make sure that the experience is comfortable for you, there's an art to that too and it's what helps to create those raw images that drew you here in the first place. All you have to do is be yourself.



+ We just want to have a good time on our wedding day, how long will the photos take?

For sure, this is a big day and you want to make sure you do what's right for you. We can tailor the timeline to suit just that. The photos are to represent the day you created and enjoyed. Not be the main event.




Around your values and what excites you about your wedding day. It really can be anything you want it to be. Then it's just a matter of estimating the timings so that there is a beautiful flow to the day. Us freedom lovers aren't a fan of stress so let's map it out. All of my wedding photography packages include help with that.



+ When do we receive our wedding photos?

Your sneak peek is within 48 hours (at the latest) I know you'll be hanging to see them. I like to get my galleries out fairly quickly and always within 4 weeks.



+ What do you bring to a wedding day?

A positive, can do attitude - most importantly!
Giant marshmallows, McGyver style - antihistamines, nurofen, extra water, these things have proved their worth over the years. And all my camera gear. I use two cameras on the day, multiple lenses (options), my drone, audio gear (for recording those vows).. oh the spoken word. Anything else that I think will add value to your day.



+ Can we meet you before the big day?

Yes, this is big deal! We are going to spend the entire day together. It's so important that you vibe with your wedding photographer. The more comfortable you feel in front of me, the more I will be able to capture the essence of your true state. Yeah yeah.



+ We are feeling a little overwhelmed with the planning, can we ask you a few possibly out of the ordinary questions?

Yes, I'm all about it. Don't struggle along on your own when you've hired wedding vendors who have learnt and gathered this information over many, many years. I'm here to help so please just reach out. No question is a silly question.
PS. I'm a total questioner ;)



+ How do you offer both wedding photo & Video coverage?

Well, firstly, I've been capturing weddings for many years now. It's a full focus gig and I've learnt many skills along the way to create smooth flowing wedding days.
I'm all about continuous learning and the skills I've learnt transfer well into videography. I've been asked many times for wedding photography and videography packages. So here they are 😊
Lastly, I have many talented colleagues in the industry so if I feel your wedding needs two sets of eyes, then that is something I can accommodate for you too. Simplifying your wedding day!


+ We really like candid, natural photos Over posed photos...

Ok, it's not technically a question but I know that alot of my clients have booked me because my natural style. There is a real balance of giving direction and letting things just be free, it's different for everyone and that's my job to make sure I get the balance right for you. Leave it with me, I got you on this.



+ Do our images have to appear on social media?

No they do not. I've had this question asked a few times. I really value privacy and we don't have to share all of ourselves with everyone. The photos I take are for you essentially, sometimes the most powerful images can also make you feel vulnerable so just let me know how much or little you'd like to share.



+ HoW do you work with your clients?

In a personal way. My No 1 objective is to get to know you to a point where I can capture you in a way that future generations can connect with you through the images I take. To me, that's a powerful gift we can give to them. That is my focus and creative intention.




+ How much is the deposit, is it refundable and how quick will I have to pay it?

Your deposit is $500 and when paid confirms your booking. The deposit retains me and my services for your wedding date and is not refundable.



+ When do I have to pay the full amount?

The remainder is due two weeks before your wedding date. I can create a payment plan for you if you'd prefer. Just ask me.



+ Do you shoot with a second photographer?

Not usually. I find my clients prefer my less intrusive approach to capturing the day. It keeps everything a little more chill, which is our vibe right. There have been occasions when the logistics required a second shooter and we have a great team in Albany of photographers willing to help each other out for those times. I love working with videographers too, I know what they are looking for so we can work together to make your day seamless.




+ Have you ever cancelled a booking or not shown up to a wedding?

No way Jose!!! Not in my 12+ years and I don't plan on doing it anytime soon.




+ Can I purchase an album after my wedding?

Heck yes!!! Getting your images into real life is where it's at. I've built albums for many clients, sometime even years after their wedding. The value of those images only improves over time. Reliving that day through your printed images is priceless.


Based in Albany . Western Australia

Albany Wedding Photographer serving the Great Southern

including Albany, Bremer Bay, Denmark & Walpole