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I’ve spent time over the years obsessing about lenses, composition, body and face angles and I’m glad I did. You have to nail that stuff.

Now I can focus more on the component that makes an image more powerful and that’s capturing connection. Whether it’s a moment with yourself, with a loved one or with me and the camera.

That’s where the magic lives.

The difference between a photo that is pretty and one that is captivating. One that you’ll feel today, tomorrow and your great grand daughter will feel in decades to come because those are the photos that tell a thousand words.

It gives me all the good vibes when my brides can open up and completely be themselves around me.

If that matters to you on your wedding day, I’m your girl. ????????‍♀️



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Based in Albany . Western Australia

Serving the Great Southern including Albany, Bremer Bay, Denmark & Walpole