Fun Wedding Receptions

Time to have fun: wedding receptions it’s when you’re most relaxed. The parts of the day that you may have been worried have come and gone (just as they should)! There’s a lot of connection at your reception. Old friends and family catching up, eating and drinking, sharing heartfelt words and usually tears and if you’ve got the goods setup, a fun time dancing.

Lots of fun candid shots to be found. It’s part of the story of your day, sometimes a really big part of the story. I have to be honest, I used to love saying my goodbyes and sneaking home after the start of reception. I 100% will not be following you around or in anyone’s face at your reception. I’ll be a little incognito, a little ninja here and sneak in some shots for you.

When it comes to capturing weddings, I’m all about freezing those real, unposed moments that make your day special. That is why I love being part of those fun and epic wedding receptions! I believe in catching the laughter and the hugs that tell your story. My aim is to preserve these raw emotions, letting you relive your wedding day in all its free-spirited authenticity.

If you’re curious to see how I turn these candid instances into lasting memories, take a stroll through my portfolio page. You’ll find weddings where love and traditions take center stage. From engagement sessions to wedding ceremonies, I collected all my favorite photos to give you a glimpse of what matters to me!



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